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Emerge Marketing Strategies is an elite digital marketing company located in Sacramento, CA, focused on providing value  through lead generation and brand awareness, as well as delivering and executing solutions for businesses.

We offer branding, social media, advertising, and creative design services. Emerge Marketing Strategies focuses on exponential growth for local and national businesses.

Choose to Emerge

Our goal is to maximize the return on your marketing investment with us, including additional education and helpful resources along the way. A high demand for Emerge Marketing Strategies’ services has led to clients geographically positioned across the state and beyond. EmergeNow and other services are gaining notoriety for the customized experience, real-time education tools, and measurable solutions.

At Emerge Marketing Strategies our main focuses include:



We value your dollar and work to maximize the return you see. Our goal is to start where you feel comfortable and expand as your business needs grow.



We begin with a strategy session to determine the best approach.  Most companies have a unique platform that will work best for their business. We help identify that whether it is social media, search engine optimization, blogging or new content.  Needs for your business constantly change and we guide you through those changes along the way.



We have free resources for businesses to grow and learn. Our team at Emerge Marketing Strategies wants you to use our tools to grow your knowledge. That way when you want to handle some things on your own, you can.



Your business is different from others – we understand. We customize our approach to your needs and bring value that will last for your company.

We Get It - Marketing A Business Can Be Challenging!

Managing operations and finding new ways to keep your company profitable should be your focus. You understand how to run and sell your business but do not have time needed to advertise and market effectively. It is also costly to build out a marketing department in a timely manner dedicated to social media, creating new content or optimizing your website for healthy Google rankings.

That’s where we come in.

Our goal at Emerge Marketing Strategies is to execute the marketing and advertising needs of your business. Together, we will discover areas of improvement and develop a plan that gets you what you are looking for: direct results for your business. Increase your online presence, strengthen your brand awareness, create a new lead funnel, or get new engaging content – any way you want to improve your marketing, we are here.

At Emerge Marketing Strategies, we will address your main business objectives to give you a custom experience designed to align with the vision of your company. Let’s make your marketing EMERGE, together.

Since 2008, Justin’s passion for marketing has transformed the way companies address their marketing. Justin has worked with Fortune 500 companies and served as Head of Marketing for one of Sacramento’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Message From the Founder

“As Emerge Marketing Strategies continues to grow with your company, we will develop new marketing goals with you. I hope that you find value with our resources and expertise. I also ask that you reach out to us for any marketing related help you need, now or in the future.”

Justin Henry, Founder | CEO
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Our Core Values

Work Hard, Play Hard

We value our employees! The Emerge team grinds towards success but has fun doing it. Rapid career advancement, team activities, and community service all towards the goal of a rewarding career experience for however long you are with the company.


Everyone, from the top to the bottom, is required to own up to failures and successes! From each experience we focus on improvement and growth. Mistakes happen, and we want to improve each other by discussing and acknowledging ways can improve – internally and with our customers.


Emerge Marketing Strategies supports and encourages any educational opportunities our employees want to pursue. Our team also provides guidance for our clients and any business through tools like EmergeNow.


That is the theme for Emerge Marketing Strategies. Every employee brings something unique to the table and we want to maximize your strengths and push you to your limits! Every business was started with goal of solving a problem for customers and we help solve the problem of getting that message out for businesses.