Generating Quality Leads

Having multiple ways to generate leads is important for a business. Whether it is a sales team capturing new business or paid advertising campaigns, new leads need to be generated for any business. These need to come from multiple sources include passive, organic and paid outlets. It is important to develop a plan that can be measured and deliver proper return on investment.

With the Lead Generation plan, we focus on what you need most: Generating quality leads.  With multiple plans and marketing sources, this plan cultivates immediate leads for your business.

With Emerge Marketing Strategies, we have your back and will show you success as well as areas of improvement. 

Email Campaign Strategy

Email blasts with no strategy can be hit or miss. We work with your team to generate valuable content that people want to see. This content is designed to help bring value to those you connect with and give your company a way to reach out to interested parties.


Google AdWords

The first post of Google is clicked on more than any other post. The right ad content and design will get you placed there for users to click. More click throughs to your landing page or website will create a source of interested and cultivated leads.


Facebook Ads

With the constant algorithm changes and changes on Facebook, the need to have accurate and relevant ad content is important. Brands no longer have the same priority they once did, meaning Ad content is more valuable than ever. Our team understands how to get your company visible to the massive Facebook audience of over 2 billion users.


Campaign Development

Setting the right expectations and preparing for changes along the way is important for a successful marketing campaign. Emerge Marketing Strategies will work with your team to develop a solid game plan with executable actions for success.


Marketing and Sales Plan Creation

Marketing and Sales plans allow businesses to have measurable values of success. Our team at Emerge Marketing Strategies will understand the needs of your business and develop an actionable plan designed to hit the targets you need. Whether short term or for an entire year forecast, our team will work with you to create smart and attainable goals with your marketing.


Sales Funnel Planning

Leads need to come from multiple sources. While referrals and organic business is desirable, it is not always reasonable to have those as the only sources of new business. We will discuss your current method of getting new leads and use our expertise to grow your network.